Development Roadmap

Here's a quick look at what we think are priorities in the development of conqu as well as some approximate percentage of completion.

Recurring tasks (phone)

70% Done

Set a repeating schedule for tasks on the phone version.

Task delegation from phone

10% Done

Adds the ability to delegate or assign tasks to others via phone

Portrait view in small tablets

5% Done

Adding support for portrait view on tablets. Currently only landscape view is operational.

Note attachments

0% Done

Ability to add files or images to tasks.

Tasks Export/Import

0% Done

Ability to save tasks to a file and import them later

ConquSync: Integration with BaseCamp

10% Done

Viewing, completing and removing tasks from your Basecamp account.

ConquSync: Import from Things

0% Done

One-time import from Things.

ConquSync: Import from OmniFocus

0% Done

One-time import from OmniFocus.

Completed Items

Recurring tasks (desktop and tablet)

100% Done!

Set a repeating schedule for tasks.

View tasks by Contexts in phone

100% Done!

Ability to view all tasks with a given context in the phone version

Printing from desktop

100% Done!

Ability to print a list of tasks from the Desktop app

ConquSync: iCalendar address

100% Done!

Your own iCalendar address to see your upcoming due and scheduled tasks in your favorite calendar program (Outlook, iCal).

Ability to add projects from Projects screen

100% Done!

Add the ability to create new projects from the projects screen.

iPhone version

100% Done!

Version for the iPhone.

Android phone version

100% Done!

We know you want it, and we are working on it.

iPad version

100% Done!

Version for the iPad.

Delegation to other people

100% Done!

Users of ConquSync will be able to assign tasks to other people and track the tasks progress even if the other user is not using one of the Conqu family of applications. ConquSync users will see the tasks automatically appear in their inbox.


100% Done!

It's here you can see a running tally of tasks that are added or completed by your team members. It's also here that you can get more details about system errors like a bad username and passwords.

ConquSync: Web access

100% Done!

Web version of ConquSync for desktop computers (not mobile).

Desktop version: Mac and Windows

100% Done!

Full featured desktop applications to run on PCs and Macs.

Synchronization between devices over the cloud

100% Done!

ConquSync allows you to sync all of your devices and your desktop to the cloud so you can access the data anytime anyplace. An internet connection is not required to access tasks on your device. It is only required for syncing and updating of your lists. Changes made while offline, will be synchronized once an internet connection is available. Beta at ConquSync.

ConquSync: Import from Toodledo

100% Done!

One-time import from Toodledo.

ConquSync: Import from Remember the Milk

100% Done!

One-time import from Remember the Milk.

ConquSync: Mobile web

In Beta

Mobile web version of ConquSync for phones that we will not support natively such as Blackberry.

Ordering of tasks

100% Done!

The ability to organize your task lists in any order you wish by using the bulk editor screen.