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BB Phone users, do not update to 10.3 until you do this

February 24, 2015 · By Laura ·

Hello BB users! Blackberry has released its 10.3 update. However, after updating you will no longer be able to use Conqu. We have an update, but the update will not be able to see your existing tasks.

Because of this unfortunate issue, the only way to be able to see your tasks in 10.3 is to subscribe to ConquSync (you can delete your account before the trial ends), make sure your tasks are synced and then install the update. You will then sync again using the newly updated app. If you don't do this before updating BB to 10.3, you will no longer have your tasks.

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Blackberry Phones: New Release for BB 10.2+

March 26, 2014 · By Laura ·

BB 10 Z10 phone

When BB10 10.2 came out, many people reported a crash that would happen as soon as they focused on a text input to enter a context or project. Within a couple of days, we released a fix. However, not knowing the release would only work on the latest BB10 version, we didn't restrict the download.

So if you are having trouble with Conqu on BB10, one of these can be the issue:

  1. You are running BB10.2 or up and have an older version of Conqu. Updating Conqu from AppWorld will fix it.
  2. You are running BB10.1 or lower and AppWorld downloaded the newer version of Conqu. In this case you need to update your phone's operating system by going to Settings (the settings app in your phone, not Conqu's settings) > Software Update. Click on the Check for Updates button and proceed with the update.

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Repeating tasks are here!

November 19, 2012 · By Mark Aplet · 4 Comments

Conqu now supports repeating tasks on the desktop platforms. Have no fear the mobile versions are just around the corner so sit tight while we finalize this update and get all the various versions out to the different vendors.

If you have ever worked with dates extensively you will probably understand when I say working with date logic is complicated. Creating a GUI that is easy to understand and use is actually a lot harder than it seems. We made many design variations, poured over each one of them finding flaws, making changes, testing and re-testing, until we finally came to this design. 

There were so many options for picking date intervals, and date groups that we decided to limit our selections to just the most common needs of the average user. What we came up with is a series of 7 drop down options allowing you to pick just about every combination of dates necessary.

[

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Billing issues

November 01, 2012 · By Laura ·

Since Sept 19th, most of the recurring payments were not performed. We just fixed the issue, and the system is trying to catch up right now. What this means for you:

  • You will see a charge made today or tomorrow for the previous month. For example, if your recurring payment is usually on the 23rd, then you will see a charge today for the period September 23rd to October 23rd.
  • You may see a charge in a few days for the next period, putting things back to normal. In the example above, if you were charged for Sept 23 to Oct 23, the system knows that you still need to catch up the payment for November, so you will see a charge from October 23rd to November 23rd. 
We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
On a side note, we are almost ready to release the new desktop version with Repeating Tasks! Stay tuned.



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Update for Apple's iOS 6 Now Available

September 26, 2012 · By Laura · No Comments

We have released a new version of Conqu for iPad and iPhone that addresses issues with the new version of Apple's mobile operating system iOS 6

You can download it by going to the app store and clicking on Update

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