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Billing issues

November 01, 2012 · By Laura ·

Since Sept 19th, most of the recurring payments were not performed. We just fixed the issue, and the system is trying to catch up right now. What this means for you:

  • You will see a charge made today or tomorrow for the previous month. For example, if your recurring payment is usually on the 23rd, then you will see a charge today for the period September 23rd to October 23rd.
  • You may see a charge in a few days for the next period, putting things back to normal. In the example above, if you were charged for Sept 23 to Oct 23, the system knows that you still need to catch up the payment for November, so you will see a charge from October 23rd to November 23rd. 
We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
On a side note, we are almost ready to release the new desktop version with Repeating Tasks! Stay tuned.



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Introducing Group Subscriptions

March 26, 2012 · By Laura · 2 Comments

For those of you that work in a team, you can now have ConquSync for the whole team at a discounted price. With group subscriptions, a group owner can invite and approve members and they become "sponsored". All of the members are paid by the group owner in one bill.

If your group has more than 5 people, you get a nice 25% discount! (only $3.95/month/user). You can create a group by logging in to ConquSync and selecting My Account > Group Subscription.

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CVS Export Format

January 04, 2012 · By Laura ·

We've added the first export format to ConquSync: CVS file.

It will export all your tasks, active or completed, in a comma-separated-value file that can be used in Excel. To access it, you need to login to your ConquSync account, and go to the Tools page. Then select Export and click on the Download button.

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ConquSync is out of beta with a special launch price

November 29, 2011 · By Laura · 1 Comment

As you know ConquSync has been available for free to everyone during the beta period. But all great things have to come to an end right? Well sort of. The free beta version of ConquSync is set to close today. Everyone's account will roll into a regular 14 day trial.

We trust that you have been enjoying ConquSync over the last few months and hope that many of you will roll your free trial accounts over and into a regular subscription account. Subscribing now will ensure that great things really do not have to come to an end.

What does ConquSync Cost?

ConquSync costs only $5.30 a month or $53 if you subscribe for a full year. For a limited time only, a one year subscription is only $39.00! That's makes ConquSync just $3.25 a month. Less than a mocha coffee. It's hard to get any simpler than that. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and enjoy the benefits of ConquSync.

New Web Features

If you haven't logged into the ConquSync website in a while you might be surprised that we have added a handful of new features to make ConquSync more useful to you. Here is a quick list of features.

Full Featured Web Manager: We put a full desktop version of Conqu online so no mater what computer your using you have total control of your tasks in a familiar environment.

Tasks by Email: Send your task to ConquSync and we will automatically add it to your inbox.

Multiple Account Emails: Do you have several email address that you use regularly? Many people do, so we added the ability to add all of your email addresses to your account making it even easier to send yourself tasks from any of your gazillion email accounts.

Import Tools: Many of you came to Conqu after using third party sites. We want to make it easy for you to switch to Conqu, so we have added the ability to import your tasks from two sites Toodledo and Remember the Milk, with others to follow soon.

More Devices

Now our family of supported devices has grown to the iPad, Android tablets, Android phones, the iPhone, Windows desktops, and Mac desktops. You will have your Conqu tasks available anywhere you need them!


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ConquSync Winner from Adobe MAX

October 20, 2011 · By Mark Aplet · No Comments

October 1st-5th was Adobe MAX, and the Conqu team was excited to be present. Conqu was being acknowledged for their efforts as one of the 10 finalist for the Air App Challenge sponsored by Sony.

During the week of MAX, we asked you to vote for Conqu and tweet something with the tag #ConquMAX in it for a chance to win a free 1 year subscription to ConquSync. We didn't win the public favorite award but we appreciate that so many of you turned out to tweet your support for Conqu.

We do have a winner of the 1 year subscription. Congratulations John Soper (@jhsoper) Your free subscription will begin when ConquSync is officially out of beta.

Thank you everyone that participated.

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