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Scheduled Dates vs. Due Dates

The difference between scheduled dates vs due date can be a confusing one. Knowing the subtle differences, and using them properly can go a long way to improving your productivity in Conqu. The following are not necessarily hard and fast rules that you must obey, but Conqu organizes and displays information based on a simple set of rules used in the GTD process.

Due Dates

  • Set only if a task has an actionable due date

  • Items can be completed early if time permits

  • Appears in NEXT screen at all times

Scheduled Dates

  • Set only if action is to be performed on a specific day (Dr. Appointment)

  • Item only appears in TODAY list on the scheduled date, otherwise it remains hidden

  • Will be visible on the FUTURE screen similar to a calendar

Due Dates

When you add a due date to a task, you are effectively saying "This task must be done by this time or else..." however, there is nothing stopping you from finishing a task early if you can. They way conqu handles due tasks is different from a scheduled one. For example, items with a due date stay in the NEXT screen until you complete them. They are always available to be checked off as having been completed.

Scheduled Dates

A Scheduled task is used to identify an actionable task that can't be started until a specific time. A good example of this might be: "Dr. Appointment" The task does not show up in the NEXT screen because it is non actionable until the day of your appointment. At that point the task will appear in the TODAY screen.

Although a scheduled task is somewhat hidden there are several ways to view it in the event you need to make a change. For example, you can find it in the FUTURE screen attached to the date you set as a scheduled date. It will also be available in the PROJECTS section as well assuming it is tied to a project of course.

Many people confuse schedule for dates for start dates or due dates. Scheduled dates should only be used when appropriate and only used sparingly. For most tasks "Due Date" is the preferred date format.